About us

cevre-2We are a brand with our unlimited energy

Çağrı Elektrik was founded in 1994 in Beylikduzu which has become the most important industrial and settlement zone of Istanbul.

Our firm which has been developing since it was founded has become a very important solution center / trademark of the sector by means of its field of activities, customer relations, developing expert staff, with its unlimited energy focusing on human beings, environment, public values.

Our Customers

Çağrı Elektrik takes its customers as shareholders and creates values for them.

It is aware of the fact that it is the customer who makes it a solution center and trademark. Even if its customer is satisfied with the fewer things, it works for its maximum benefit and continuous satisfaction as a solution partner.

Quality in product and service

Çağrı Elektrik gives priority to quality in production and service in order to make the customer satisfaction continuous.

It is in a continuous improvement for the quality in product and service. It has established its organization on continuous training for continuous improvement. That is why it closely follows scientific and technological developments.


                              ISO 9001         ISO 14001           ISO 18001

Our employees

Çağrı Elektrik knows that the quality in service depends on the quality of the employees.

All the employees included in the team from engineers to cleaning workers have mastered in the importance of team conception. It supports the employesss professional trainings and developments as well as being a sponsor for public, social, cultural and artistic activities.

Our responsibilities

Continuous development and use of renewable energy are indispensable priorities for Çağrı Elektrik.

It performs the activities falling on it's share for environmental values, protection of nature and ability of transferring life sources we have to future generations. It uses the products that are quality certified and not farmful for the nature.